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About Starlet

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Starlet Reid is a former middle school teacher and YA author of I’m Changing; Friendships, Drama, and Oh The Comma! 

Starlet graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Journalism. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with her two sons.

She’s currently working on her second novel, Second Semester, the sequel to I’m Changing.  You can find Starlet on her YouTube Channel, LoveStarlet. 


My Story

How I Got Started

As a young girl I wrote songs, poems, and short stories. When I played Barbie, I “played Barbie.” My Barbie storylines were identical to the soap operas I faithfully watched.

During my high school years I was introduced to journalism, I wanted to be just like Murphy Brown, Barbara Walters, and Caroline Simpson.

During my senior year at Michigan State I realized that news reporting wasn’t for me. I was more intrigued with other aspects of writing like screenwriting and novel writing. Nevertheless graduation happened and I needed a job. I worked at a local television and radio station assisting in the news and production departments then it really hit me – being in the newsroom wasn’t for me. What would I do next? Well, I landed an interview out of all professions as a middle school teacher. I was hired on the spot and my teaching career began.

My love for writing never died. I shared my stories with my students and they told me something that I already knew, ” You need to be a writer.” Great advice kids!

I wrote my first Young Adult Novel, I’m Changing and a ton of other unfinished projects that I’m prioritizing and working on.

For all of you that may not have a passion, I suggest you look back at your childhood. What was it that made you excited? What made you smile? When I look back on my childhood all the writing, drawing, acting, and creating – the answers were there all the time.


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