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Starlet’s journey from a middle school teacher to a young adult author was sparked by observing her students struggle with the challenges of adapting to their new phase of life. She became a confidant, discussing life’s challenges, studying tips, and practical matters like hygiene. Starlet recalled writing a short story in college, centered on the most dramatic moment she’d experienced up to that point: starting her period. She then became inspired to turn that short story into her debut novel, “I’m Changing…Friendships, Drama, and Oh The Comma,“ a heartwarming tale, that explores the intricate process of adjusting to middle school through the eyes of a young girl. Over the years young readers reached out to Starlet and that’s when she realized that she wanted to put more effort into supporting young adolescents. With a degree in journalism from Michigan State University, Starlet combines her educational insights and storytelling skills to specialize in narratives for young adults, particularly those embarking on the middle school journey. Her writing style is entertaining, educational, and informative. She looks forward to helping students, parents and teachers navigate the middle school years.



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