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YA Novel, I’m Changing

Friendships, Drama, and Oh…The Comma

Starting Middle School was supposed to be an exciting time for Tina Morten, but after losing her best friend to her long time enemy, middle school is nothing but a big headache. Switching classes each hour, having different teachers, daydreaming, mood swings, not to mention she starts her period. Things have definitely changed since elementary. Will Tina ever adjust to middle school?


Aging is inevitable. I don’t care how good you look, how blessed you are to have impeccable genes, or how flexible you are – every year we grow older. Love Starlet is your new home for everything 40+ related.

"Whether you're a tween, or in your fourth decade and beyond, being comfortable in your skin can be a challenge. My projects tell a story with humor, empathy, vulnerability, and relatability. Allow me to help you navigate and try to make some sense out of these situations ."

Starlet Reid

"What good is dreaming when we can do?"


"I create characters like an actor studies a role, when an artist plays an instrument, my instrument is a pen, paper, or a keyboard."

Starlet Reid